Our Passion

Luminita Books is an online children's store with the goal of helping children and families reconnect with the language and culture of their native lands through the beauty of reading.

It can often be difficult to spend long periods of time away from home and here at Luminita Books we empathise with customers who may be in this type of situation and try to allow them to combat the feeling of homesickness with books in their native languages.

A child reading can be a magical thing as their mind begins to expand and their imagination flows. This is especially beautiful when a parent can witness their child reading in their native language, taking in the culture of the country, and truly connecting with their home.


Not only is reading incredible for the imagination of a child, but it also introduces the child to the world of education in a fun and enjoyable way. As a child reads books, they will pick up various words and phrases and will therefore be learning without even realising it.

Although the aim of Luminita Books is to educate children, it is also a project of love, and is therefore much more than simply a book shop. Children's books allow parents to view the world through the eyes of a child and to truly feel the wonderful emotions a child feels when reading. Luminita Books strives to help parents to give their children a chance to be a part of their native culture and be aware and proud of their heritage.  

Luminita's Mission

The purpose of this business is to become a source of information and knowledge for parents and children. We wish to allow parents access anytime to this information and therefore allow them to give their children the gift of a book in their native language. These parents will not only bring the joy of learning their native language to the lives of their children, but they will also give themselves the gift of spending time with their children as they read together.

Here at Luminita Books, we are committed to bringing you a quality selection of children books sourced directly from your native countries. We believe that books in our native languages can be incredibly beneficial for our children's learning. We feel that these books can enrich our children's lives and should be accessible to everyone.

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