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Why are book awards important in children's books literature?

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

Awards matter, especially in children’s books. In today’s world, children’s books are produced in mass quantity, and by anybody with a computer so children’s book awards absolutely matter.

Children’s book awards tell the authors, illustrators and publishers what is considered the most prolific and successful children’s books. This sets the bar for which they must strive to attain.

Children's literature is an area that often does not receive the praise and credit it deserves. The books our children consume at a young age are vital in how they develop their minds and shape their opinions of the world around them. This essentially means the literature the children are provided with has the power to change the future they will create and live in.

The books that are recognised and given awards are generally written and produced to an excellent quality standard. This is important because it dramatically reduces the chance of there being any grammatical errors in the literature. While this may not seem like a major issue, a spelling error in a book may lead to a child learning the incorrect spelling of a word. This can cause frustration and confusion for the child as they are told that their favourite book or author has made a mistake

Illustrations are also something that is highly regarded in the world of children's literature, especially regarding books aimed at younger children. A book containing effective and enticing illustrations is much more likely to win awards as these images will generally make reading the book a more interesting and enjoyable experience for the reader. Children of a younger age are usually more attracted to the illustrations in a piece of literature, as this is what initially catches their eye when choosing a new book to read. However, the illustrations are also vital in aiding the children's understanding of the book and the messages that it wants to portray.

Quality adaptations are also something that can help a piece of children’s literature be nominated for and win awards. When a children’s book is adapted and translated efficiently into another language it opens up a whole new market of customers for the sellers. Not only this but it also shows the world that the book provider cares about its readers and wants to ensure anyone who wishes to read the book is capable of doing so in any language they choose. A translated or adapted book that is given an award has undoubtedly been adapted to an incredibly high degree of quality in order to allow any reader to receive maximum enjoyment from the book.

This is why at Luminita Books, we strive to find as many awarded books as possible and bring them to you in as many languages as possible.

There are also many exceptional books that have not yet received any awards, and for those, we rely on the opinions of real parents and books enthusiasts that they share with the world through the many groups dedicated to children's literature. More on this subject in one of my next blogs.

Thank you for reading!


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