Independent Book Publisher Book Award 2020 Silver medal Winner -Children's Picture Books (7y and under)


"A perfect tale to read to curious daughters.
To the dreamers. To the ones who love braids.
To the ones who prefer to wear their hair down.
To the ones who fill their mouths with jelly.
To the ones that chat away, even when they’re asleep.
To the ones who watch in silence, and smile.
To the ones who discover the world in the tiniest things.

In short, this is a message of love, to remind all daughters that their moms and dads will be there every step of the way through the wonderful adventure that is life."

Little One

SKU: 978-84-16733-72-9
This book is also available in the bookstore in: Spanish
  • Author

    Ariel A. Almada

  • Publisher

    Cuento de Luz

  • This book's themes

    love, family, daughters