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Mother Tongues
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Mother Tongues is an Irish based organisation providing support for families raising bilingual children and training for educators and healthcare professionals working in multilingual settings.
Mother Tongues Families 
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This is a unique network in Ireland. You will be able to find families with young children near you who speak your language.
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Media platform where editors publish their new books in a visual format. You can't download the content but you can look at books in details
Languages Connect 
[All languages]
The aim of Languages Connect is to build awareness in Ireland of the many advantages of having foreign language skills, and to make foreign language learning more appealing to everyone.  
Ce le citim copiilor
This Facebook group is much more than a  group. It is a national Romanian community that guides parents and educators towards promoting books at home and in the educational system. It is a source of inspiration for a lot of parents and for our shop.
A non-profit organisation that aims to help Romanian parents and educators worldwide to give children a quality education in the Romanian language. They offer a wide range of teaching materials based on the Finish educational methods and adapted to the Romanian culture. 
Povestiile Cristinei
Built by Romanian children's books authors Alex and Cristina Donovici. Here you will find a wide selection of their books in audio format. The books are read by many Romanian celebrities like Andreea Esca, Florin Busuioc. You can listen to the audiobooks for free. 
La biblioteca de los peques: literatura infantil y juvenil
One of the largest Facebook communities dedicated to Spanish children's literature. A great source of inspiration and information. 
Vaikų literatūra
Facebook group based in Lithuania dedicated to children's books. with 16k members. A great place for inspiration for Lithuanian parents.
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